Chief consultant and advisor Scott Crawley has a twenty year financial background. Scott is a United States military veteran who served as a weapons systems supervisor aboard a combat ship and as a PH.D. trained military counselor.

He has owned an investment real estate brokerage, residential mortgage company, property management and financial services company. 

Scott is currently pursuing a Certified Financial Planner designation (the highest and most widely recognized designation for financial planning in the world) and holds a degree in financial services. 

Scott hold several professional licenses including real estate broker, life insurance and health insurance.

Jas Crawley: Marketing Assistant

our mission:create A legacy OF wealth 1 family at a time by converting debt to wealth 


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Wealthcare Advisors is an Atlanta  based, veteran owned financial services company operating on a national scope.


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To provide business and personal financial services that will enrich and prosper our clients lives, families and businesses for generations to come.

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