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Michael Schooner-Sun Valley Consulting


Business Loan $65k unsecured, non-equity at fixed 6.33%

"I've always had good credit, so I did alot of research before applying for any business loans. I found out that if I had a Paydex score it could drop the loan rate by 6%! I not only used the FT program to build a Paydex but they understood I wanted the right loan and pointed me in the right direction. I figure it saved me about $400 a month and at least $25k in interest"

Business & personal financial Consultants  navigating your business & family along the Path to wealth

Jim Miller-Miller Strapping & Supplies

FICO Score 540


Dell $10K, Office Depot $5K, Office Furniture $5K, Printing & Supply credit lines $25K, Xerox $7K

II've been selling for my company making them money for years. All I needed was to get a home office set-up with a fax machine, computers, software, phone lines and all the stuff I needed. As you know I couldn't get anything with my personal credit. I got everything and it was like a dream, I just wanted to thank you guys!"

FICO Score 610

$45K in terms from local suppliers, $5K Home Depot, $3K Lowe's & company leased Ford F350

"Talk about creative financing! You guys have no idea what you have been able to do for me. I had a partnership go bad and had more collections than I could count. There is NO WAY I could have gotten off the ground without your help. I have Net accounts to get all the concrete, materials, & supplies I need and Mike helped me lease a new F350 in the business name!

Wealthcare Advisors is excited to offer business credit . The business credit program has worked successfully for thousands of businesses in the last 12 years.

The program is all inclusive and assists you through your own business credit coach and support team from A to Z.

Business Credit & Funding FAQS

Can I get CASH financing or loans with mid to good credit AND good business credit in this economy? YES
Is there one place and one program that knows every possible angle and approval options available today? YES
Will you get support and help? YES
Do you need more than a simple Paydex score? YES!
Will this work for my company? YES
Do I need to be incorporated? YES, we can do it for you for the state fees plus a very minimal charge.
About how much credit can my business obtain if I can't or won't personally guarantee anything? $ 50,000 guaranteed business credit as a minimum.
Should I join the program if I have good personal credit?  YES!   90% of owners fail and so does their credit. PLUS you need to have good business credit to get any sort of SBA or   micro finance.

$ 50,000 in Business Credit!!!

Business Credit and Funding Program Overview
Enroll in the Most Comprehensive Business Credit Building Program Available Today

Expert Phone Support
The complete program with all critical steps
A NO nonsense approach to getting you approved. 
Invaluable information whether you have good or poor  personal credit you need to get approved in today's lending  environment
Start Getting Approvals fast
$50,000 guaranteed 
Exclusive Vendor Network
Access to a team of industry leaders, accountants, and real experts with years of experience and know what works
Access to the most researched knowledge-base and support team available anywhere ensures your success.

FULL compliance reports and research to be sure you haven't  missed anything that can hinder your success
Hundreds of thousands vs. $0 on research spent elsewhere
Industry leading CRM
Access to ALL the available lenders and SBA micro loans
10 years in the making and without question the best value and decision you can make as an entrepreneur at any level and credit needs

Call our office at (678) 995-7300 to enroll your business in the business credit and funding program today!!!