Unlimited Consultation
Get timely and direct answers to your most important business questions from our business experts.

E-commerce Website Builder
Easily build and maintain an e-commerce website for your business.
Website Analysis
Get a professional website assessment on your website’s overall effectiveness and adherence to modern web standards with recommendations for improvement.

CRM with Email Marketing
Three tools in one suite of software—contact management, email marketing from MailChimp, and customer issue tracking—combine to provide a better way to manage your sales pipeline and communicate with customers.

Business Plan Software
The GoSmallBiz Business Plan software is one of the most comprehensive do-it-yourself business plan creation tools available. Your business plan can be ready in a matter of hours, and the wizard inside the tool helps answer all your questions.
HR Document Builder
Get all the HR documents you need in one place, including job descriptions, company handbooks, interview worksheets, and more.
Corporate Minutes Writer
Document your corporate activities to stay organized and fulfill legal requirements for many business entity types.

Digital Marketing Dashboard
Track your website analytics, social media stats, and other indicators of your business’s digital reach.

Gain the battle-tested knowledge, insight, and guidance needed to help your business grow through weekly videos.

Online Learning Courses
Empower yourself with education that will improve your understanding of key business fundamentals.

Business & Legal Forms
Customize, Create, and export business-ready contracts and documents in seconds.

Transaction Tracker
Track and organize your basic accounting, mileage, balances and reports with this simple tool.

Business Risk Assessment
Identify and reduce your level of risk in five key areas: Facilities, Labor, ID Theft, Financial, and Entity.

Weekly Business Updates
Stay up-to-date and knowledgeable on the latest trends affecting small bu

Legal Consultation
Telephone consultation on unlimited matters concerning your business; with up to 1 hour of legal research per matter. (Number of consultations per matter at attorney discretion. Matters covered under the Designated Consultations benefit are not covered under this benefit)

Correspondence (Letters and Calls)
Available at the discretion of your Provider Lawyer.

20 per year, calls or letters with 1 follow up per subject matter (up to 6 in any month)
Designated Consultations
Three telephone consultations per year arranged by your Provider Lawyer - each consisting of up to one-half hour for the following legal matters:

    Import/export or customs matters
    Issues arising outside your state, within U.S.
    International Law
    Intellectual Property
Document and Contract Review
(Up to 15 pages each)
Up to 20 contracts/documents per year (up to 6 in any month)
One out-of-state document review per year

Debt Collection Letters
Up to five separate initial collection letters per month


For profit business
Not publicly traded
Must have 10 or fewer employees
Non-profit or associations are not eligible
Preferred Discount
25% off additional legal services, litigation representation and other legal work within your business state is available at a 25% discount from the Lawyer's corporate hourly rate. Your Provider Law Firm will let you know when the 25% discount applies and go over these fees with you. In some cases, a retainer fee may also be required before representation begins; and a separate engagement agreement with the attorney will be required. The following are covered only under your 25% discount:

Claims or charges relating to workers compensation, inquiries or actions by a government agency, bankruptcy or alcohol, drugs, substance abuse, chemical abuse or dependency.
Pre-existing conditions, defined as those acts which give rise to a lawsuit which are alleged to have occurred prior to the member's enrollment, regardless of the filing date of the lawsuit.
Garnishment, attachment, or any other post judgment relief action.

Additional Information:
The member shall designate, in writing, up to two spokespersons to communicate with the Provider Attorney. These spokespersons must have the ability to legally bind the member.

This is a general overview of your legal plan coverage for illustration purposes only. See a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.


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